Play, Stay & Pamper


Our daycare is a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, canine fitness center, designed for uninhibited playtime. Supervised by our experienced trainers, dogs come to socialize & play games. Our team provides the highest quality pet care & services including reinforcement of obedience principles, basic commands, correction of bad habits, and a focus on social aptitude. Required: Dogs 6-months or older to be spayed or neutered.


Pricing Packages

Single Day Visit $30

Whether for work or pleasure, take the day while we add some excitement to your dog's social life. Advance reservations are recommended, along with a deposit. 

Hourly Visit $7/hr 

Perfect for last minute, on-the-go types, drop off your pet for a little interaction & exercise while you run a few errands. 

Half Day visit Packages* - 5 hour maximum per day!

- (5 days/$90) (10 days/$180) (20 days/$300)

Perfect for pets & clients with unpredictable schedules. Take your time picking up & enjoying your visits. 

Full Day visit Packages* - (3 days/$70) (10 days/$230)

(20 days/$420) (full month unlimited/$500)

Receive 50% off on your first day, it's the ultimate deal without making a big commitment Multiple dog package is available. 

Additional Dog Add-On - $20 ea.

*All Packages are recommended for proof of vaccinations.

Half Day ( 5 hour maximum) $20

Outside Walking (15 to 20 min) $10

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